Alexey Gorokholinskiy "Alexey G"

Affiliation: Kronodigger

Artist's Biography
Noted for the intensity and virtuosity of his playing, Alexey Gorokholinsky, at age 28 is considered to be one of the most versatile clarinetists who constantly challenges the possibilities and pushes the boundaries of his instrument and beyond. He has performed most of the standard solo clarinet repertoire, made and recorded numerous arrangements, and is now creating new works for clarinet and mainstream electronics for new generations.

A native of Russia, Mr. Gorokholinsky began his musical studies at age 5 on the piano. At age 7, he took up the clarinet, studying with his father, Valery Gorokholinsky, an accomplished orchestral and solo clarinetist.

Education and Awards
Mr. Gorokholinsky came to the United States at age 15 to attend the Idyllwild Arts Academy (CA) and then The Juilliard School, where he was a full scholarship student. During his freshman year at Juilliard, he made his New York City debut at Alice Tully Hall, performing the Nielsen Clarinet Concerto with the Juilliard Orchestra. He was also a top prize winner of the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra, Jefferson Symphony, first annual Buffet Crampon, International Clarinet Association and Spotlight Awards competitions.

Classical Record Releases
Mr. Gorokholinsky seeks to explore new possibilities for the clarinet in works originally written for strings or for other woodwind instruments. One of his latest CDs, Delicacies, recorded in the summer of 2008, showcases a variety of virtuosic and melodic pieces, most of which he arranged for clarinet and piano.

Two previous discs, released while he was still in school, covered masterpieces of the clarinet repertoire by Brahms, Schumann, Chausson, Saint-Saens, Debussy, Milhaud, Muczynski, Ravel, Stravinsky, and others. He was accompanied on all three CDs by his mother, Marina Gorokholinsky, a student of legendary pianist Victor Merzhanov.

Carnegie Halls Academy
In 2010, Mr. Gorokholinsky was accepted into prestigious young artist program Academy of Carnegie Hall, the Juilliard School and Weill Music Institute. As part of the program, he appeared regularly as a chamber musician in concerts in Carnegie Hall and other important venues, presented interactive performances with other fellows throughout New York, and taught music in Public School 112K in Brooklyn.

Electronic/Classical Music Project
Mr. Gorokholinsky also writes new music for combination of classical instruments and electronics. His works combine classical music with newer forms of modern day genres of electronic music, such as instrumental trance, ambient, techno and drumnbass. In 2011 Mr. Gorokholinsky released his latest CD Model for Assembling under alias Alexey G. The album features 6 of the works for clarinet and electronics and has been already critically acclaimed and described as revolutionary and otherwordly.

Every once in a while we are presented with a revolutionary idea that requires
attention, and pushes the boundaries of what is possible in our field. We might very well have found this now, by way of Alexey G.
- Wesley Ferreira - Clarinet Magazine

As far as this reviewer is concerned, if it keeps coming like this, then bring on the revolution.
- Reed Burnam - Ariel Publicity

The work on electronics with clarinet continues under another Gorokholinskiys alias - Kronodigger. Kronodigger has just released its first EP \"Zelda: Dream of Tomorrow\" dedicated to 3 remixes on popular tunes from game series Legend of Zelda.
The EP is available in online stores including best electronic music portal - Beatport.

Mr. Gorokholinsky holds bachelors and masters degrees from The Juilliard School. His principal teachers include Charles Neidich, Stephen Williamson, Mark Nuccio and his father, Valery Gorokholinsky.

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Alexey G " Model for Assembling " CD 2011
Label: Alexey G
Electronic music with clarinet
Music, programming, recording and mastering by Alexey Gorokholinsky

Alexey Gorokholinsky & Marina Gorokholinsky " Delicacies " CD 2009
Label: Alexey Gorokholinsky & Marina Gorokholinsky
Pieces for clarinet and piano by Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky,
Kovacs, Bazzini, Rachmaninoff, Paganini, Francaix, Debussy, Bozza
and Prokofiev

Eta3 Trio " Eta3 " CD 2008
Label: Manhattan Music Ensemble
Pieces for clarinet, flute and piano by Bartok, Saint-Saens,
Khachaturian, Pugni, Bizet and Ibert

Alexey Gorokholinsky & Marina Gorokholinsky " Vocalise EP 2005
Label: Alexey Gorokholinsky & Marina Gorokholinsky
Pieces for clarinet and piano by Schumann, Saint-Saens, Chausson,
Lovreglio, Brahms and Rachmaninoff

Alexey Gorokholinsky " Time Pieces " CD 2003
Label: Classical Records
Pieces for clarinet and piano by Stravinsky, Debussy, Milhaud, Ravel,
Kovacs, Muczynski, and Bozza

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